Introduction - About Us

Al Meezan Holding is positioned to be a leading multi-discipline sustainable business entity in the Middle East & Africa through strategic partnerships with innovative technology providers and close interaction with key regional stakeholders offering sustainable, community building, and socially responsible solutions.

Al Meezan Holding stems from the unique experience of Al Hashemi Group, a Qatar based family business with over 80 years experience in diverse markets sectors and segments in Qatar and the region. The Group has been operating since the embryonic stage of Qatar’s development and has executed numerous prestigious projects through this period.

Al Meezan Holding is structured to provide diverse business services and technical solutions through reformulation of it’s experience and emerging interests as per market demands and customer needs. Currently Al Meezan Holding has relationships with world leading technology providers and entities in the fields of IT, telecommunications, environment , mining, energy, construction, industries and engineering, Al Meezan Holding’s infrastructure is built on a foundation of meticulously recruited human resource, sound business modelling and strategic investments in technologies that compliment and synergize market penetration, enabling multi-fold business growth.

Since its establishment, Al Meezan Holding has sought creativity, versatility and diversification in all business lines it approaches.


“Al Meezan Holding strives to be the leading multi-discipline sustainable business entity in the Middle East & Africa through strategic partnerships with innovative technology providers and close interaction with key regional stakeholders offering sustainable, community building, and socially responsible solutions to targeted markets. “


The human resource in our businesses are recognized internationally for their professionalism and have a wide range of capabilities and skill sets. We are determined to satisfy the high standards expected from clients and the nature of the projects undertaken, therefore have a very diverse and experienced resource pool, embracing such broad disciplines as :

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Marketing and Research
  • Business Development
  • Investment and Finance
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Environment
  • Information Technology
  • Mining and exploration
  • Food Security
  • Education and Training
  • Consultancies


The provision of construction and related services has been a distinguishing activity of the parent family Group since 1955, with the execution of major projects in the oil & gas, infrastructure, utilities, sewage treatment and housing sectors over. These areas of focus are supplemented by design, project management , pre-cast concrete elements, post-tensioning and other services that are in high demand in the booming local and regional markets.

Construction and related services places Al Meezan in a strong position to complement and support its other core activities. In addition, theAl Meezan Holding is investing in more specialized areas of construction, in the areas of infrastructure, oil and gas, green buildings andindustrial construction. This expansion is being undertaken in association with leading global companies.

Al-Meezan is also focusing on high quality construction material supply directly from mines and manufacturing facilities ensuring a focus onquality control and timely delivery to clients in Qatar and the Region

Energy & Mining

This business sector is important regionally and globally and Al Meezan Holdings has a strong focus in energy and mining technologies both using conventional and modern.

Due to increasing global energy and resource demand, Al Hashemi has positioned itself to understand the dynamics of this sector closely and regularly reformulates its strategies that are conducive to local, regional and global needs. Exploration and mining activities are active in Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, Iran and Pakistan with developments in other African countries.

We have associations with Avantium and Eijkelkamp who are knowledge based companies to support our activities.


Al Meezan Holding has focused on environment related business areas from it’s onset and has laid a strong foundation for large scale developments in the local and regional markets.

It has worked extensively to create environmental awareness by developing relationships with key stakeholders and investing in strategic technical alliances. Al-Meezan has through these extensive efforts built trust and working relationships with stakeholders in this important sector at a regional level.

Al-Meezan has strategic relationships with pioneering areas of cleaner air technologies, , water management, sustainable agriculture, waste management, biofuels, energy efficiency and emerging areas that improve our stewardship in the Environment. Al Meezan has associations with world leading technology providers in all aspects of environmental business, and is working on projects at all levels in this field.

Additional it has invested in providing food supply through efficient animal and broad acre agriculture incorporating beneficial environmental technologies.



Al-Meezan provides a diverse range of services delivered through highly qualified professionals and partners to a very demanding Qatari market. These services include educational and training services, healthcare and financial services.

Al Meezan educational services are positioned to meet the increasing regional demands for high quality education while preserving cultural values. Al Meezan Holding is acquiring advanced medical technology that is considered one of its kind in the Middle East and Africa regions. The financial services incorporate cutting-edge technologies to enable faster, reliable and secure transactions to empower end users with greater flexibility in their respective lifestyles.

Al-Meezan maintains a very strong focus on Customer Relations Management (CRM) to ensure the highest quality in delivery of it’s services. In this area it also has relationships with market leaders at a global level.